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About LEF

Educate - Enrich - Empower

About LEF: What We Do

What We Do

  • Seek, promote & fund innovative programming tied to future academic success & employment opportunities for area youth 

  • Increase shared experiences by bringing children from different towns and schools together

  • Partner with business community, experts and donors as well as educators to fuel growth

  • Increase awareness of learning needs of our young people and its importance to our community’s future and sustainability

  • Prioritize efforts in deficit areas: Civics, Business & Entrepreneurship, STEM, Multiculturalism & Literacy

  • Serve the students of Litchfield and surrounding towns in public, private and home schools

What We Need

  • Donations: It will not be news to you that this is a particularly difficult time for the children of our community. Funds are needed to support distance learning, supplemental programming like world languages and catch-up tutoring. Please donate now at and your contribution will directly fund one of our many programs.

  • Connections: Do you have an opportunity for students, know a good partner or want to share an idea with LEF?  Drop us a line at and we will be in touch! 

  • Volunteers: Are you interested in making a difference in the lives of area children? LEF is a small but mighty group of committed volunteers that want to create opportunities for young people. We are seeking members at the board, committee and project level to join our team.  Find out more at

Our Pathways

LEF and local businesses are aligned in the important work of supporting both the academic and employment success of our area youth.  Portable skills, which are critical to that success, like problem solving, negotiating and adaptability are acquired and honed by engaging in enrichment opportunities.

Following a need analysis and stakeholder survey, LEF has prioritized efforts around the following areas:

  • Business & Entrepreneurship

  • Civics

  • Multiculturalism

  • STEM (science, technology, engineering, math)

  • Literacy. 

LEF is seeking partnerships to design, execute and evaluate hi-impact opportunities for students in these areas.

By developing skills important to gainful employment and entrepreneurship, we maintain and attract employers and therefore grow our business community.

Our Partners

Litchfield Bancorp - Business & Entrepreneurship Pathway sponsor

Two Old Dads - Retro Dodgeball Tournament

CT Association for the Gifted - Minds in Motion

Our Board

Debra Cahill

Heather Ford, Governance Committee Chair

Tiffany Hussey, Finance Committee Chair

Ashley Langill

Carol Lunt

Susan Murphy

Sara Schuch, Grants Committee Chair

Caterina Perugini

Sarah Worden, Development Committee Chair

Click here for Board Bios


  • Founded in 2004

  • LEF’s donation revenues have increased steadily over the years

    • 2015-6 donations = ~$6,000

    • 2016-7 donations = ~$10,000

    • 2017-8 donations = ~$21,000

    • 2018-9 donations = ~$25,000-30,000

    • 2019-21 donations = more than $50,000

  • LEF has no staff or office space. It is a volunteer-run organization with limited overhead expenses.

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Insightful News, Student Updates, Events

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