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Is Litchfield County a STEM Desert?

LEF Report Fall 2018 - The impact of students living in STEM deserts will be reflected in college admissions and job prospects

According to US News & World Report, by 2020, almost two-thirds of all jobs will require education that is supported by the critical thinking and problem-solving skills learned in math and science. In the same period, almost as many jobs will require basic literacy in science, technology, engineering & math (STEM). Yet, access to in-depth STEM learning is unevenly distributed. Millions of students across the country live in what is called STEM deserts – communities, mostly in urban and rural areas, without access to rigorous and engaging STEM programs.

While most schools expose children to all areas of STEM, many of our youth must travel an hour or more to attend robust, focused after- school classes in robotics, coding and engineering. Proximity to math tutoring services is also a challenge.

LEF is working to address this inequity and ensure every student has the opportunity to gain knowledge in these important subject areas closer to home. We are seeking grant applications for after-school STEM classes taught by highly trained teachers for all age levels.

Is Litchfield County a STEM Desert? copy: News
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