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Litchfield Bancorp Sponsors Business & Entrepreneurship Pathway

LEF Report - Winter 2019

Litchfield Bancorp has partnered with LEF to bring business and entrepreneurship programs to area students! Thanks to Litchfield Bancorp’s generosity, LEF will work to source robust learning opportunities so that kids have the tools they need to become tomorrow’s business leaders. 

In 2018, LEF undertook an education and enrichment landscape analysis and stakeholder survey that evaluated skills needed for academic and job success as well as current program development and availability.  Following that process, LEF determined to focus efforts around five primary areas called Pathways: Business & Entrepreneurship, STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), Multiculturalism, Civics & Debate and Literacy. LEF is seeking partnerships with the business community along with experts, donors and educators to design, execute and evaluate hi-impact opportunities for students in these areas. Email to learn more.

Litchfield Bancorp Sponsorship: News
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