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Our Impact



LEF awards educators in the Litchfield area with grants for after-school enrichment, classroom projects and innovative technology, resources, and experiences that deepen the educational experience. Hourly compensation and professional development costs can be included as part of a larger program. If you would like to apply for a grant or start a conversation about the LEF grant process, please click below for the grant guidelines and application.

LEForward Thinking Subsidized Programs

LEF wants to encourage third-party vendors to bring interesting and in-depth programming to Litchfield area youth.  A LEForward Thinking Subsidy allows for vendors to avoid common risks of entering a new market by guaranteeing attendance and reimbursing travel costs.  We also help with sourcing meeting space and marketing so that all educators need to worry about is teaching.

Mentoring & Team Leadership

LEF seeks to connect students with experienced community members in all disciplines who are willing to share their expertise.  Whether you are a business owner, retired professional or technical expert, there are many opportunities to mentor an individual student for a special project or lead a team of students for a competition. Click below to inquire.

Thought Leadership & Need Awareness

LEF is not a political organization. We do seek to provide our community with access to recent articles and information on issues that concern students.  Three times per year we publish a newsletter, The LEF Report, that highlights a thought leadership topic.  We also provide links to other publishers of relevant education and parenting content in our Insights section. 

LEF-Funded Programs


After-School Chess

Competitive Robotics Team

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1/2 Day Animal Explorers

1/2 Day Cursive Club

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Young Entrepreneur Show

Engineering & Design classes


Past Initiatives

Celebrate Litchfield! Composer Project

Band and chorus students from Litchfield Middle/High School worked directly with Grammy-winning saxophonist and bandleader, Paul Winter, to compose an original piece of music that celebrates Litchfield's 300th Anniversary. Mr. Winter believes that all instrumentalists and singers, regardless of experience, can awaken their own creative potential through adventures in spontaneous, collective sound-play.

With the support of Litchfield Historical Society, students researched the town’s archives for revealing stories, inspirational prose and important historical elements to be included as lyrics. 


Spelling Club and Bee

An ambitious group of students enjoyed an exciting Spelling Bee at the Litchfield Community Center. The Bee was the culmination of the Spelling Bee Club held at Oliver Wolcott Library. As part of the Club, participants are given study lists provided by Scripps, as well as an opportunity to enjoy spelling games and compete in mock bees in preparation for the official LIS Bee.

Students ultimately faced off in an exciting Bee. All the kids showed what amazing spellers they are, many of them making it passed several rounds of the Bee. Even more impressive was how composed and professional each participant was, respecting the official rules of the Bee, and cheering on fellow classmates. The winner had the chance to represent their school at the Scripps CT Spelling Bee in Hartford! Both the Spelling Bee Club at OWL and the registration for the Scripps CT Spelling Bee were made possible by a grant from the Litchfield Education Foundation. 


After-School Theater Program

LEF subsidized an after-school theater program developed and executed by ASAP! at Litchfield Intermediate School. Through play and fun theatre games, students learned about acting, role-playing, and developing a character.

The program also explored how actors think, move, and use their voices to become fearless, shy, funny, and more! Students had a chance to write, collaborate, and create ideas for a play.  The week culminated with a performance for friends and family.


Multi-Cultural Art and Music Program

In this LEForward Thinking after-school class in conjunction with our partners ArtRoom Atelier and the Litchfield Community Center, Band Together!  Art and Music from Around the World took a multicultural, multidisciplinary approach to exploring the intersection of visual art and music. 

Students made instruments from the four families of the orchestra: woodwind, strings, brass, and percussion, created  gongs, horns, guitars and drums, and studied the diversity of world cultures in which these instruments originate.

Special musical guests also performed the sounds of that week's instruments!


Preschool Science Center

LEF is pleased to have funded a new Science Center at School on the Green.  When we look at preschoolers, it is easy to think of them as children. But they are scientists, tech wizards, engineers and mathematicians in the making.  

Congratulations to School on the Green for at once embracing and challenging children’s natural curiosity, sense of wonder and scientific exploration.

Learn on, School on the Green!