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Partner Spotlight - Two Old Dads

LEF Report - Winter 2019

Three years ago, the founders of TWO OLD DADS (Matt Terzian and Jay Bolton) brainstormed an idea that was to transform the way our Litchfield area community enjoyed the cold, dreary days of late winter:  A dodgeball tourney to shake off the blues! 

With the “3rd Annual Retro Dodgeball Tournament” coming up on March 23, the event has become an iconic day for our community. With about 20 teams, 20 business sponsors and 300+ spectators, TWO OLD DADS’ vision for a day of epic fun and fierce competition has grown into a successful community event. Not only is the “Retro Dodgeball Tournament” a way to bring together friends, neighbors, area businesses, teachers and parents alike, it has also become an opportunity for TWO OLD DADS to support the area children by donating the proceeds from the day’s event to Litchfield Education Foundation. Last year, LEF was the proud recipient of $12,000!

LEF is very grateful to TWO OLD DADS: “A small, but growing, organization that provides opportunities for fathers to give back to their community; they take fundraising seriously, but not themselves”. Not only are they the masterminds behind the Retro Dodgeball Tourney, but are also dedicated local fathers with a passion for seeing our community grow. Learn more about TWO OLD DADS: Contact: Matt Terzian at

Partner Spotlight - Two Old Dads: News
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