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20 Things for LEF in 2020

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

The Litchfield Education Foundation has been serving the educational needs of our community for the better part of two decades.  LEF has undergone several phases in that time.

Phase 1: LEF was originally designed to fill gaps that existed within the Litchfield public school budget.  However, rather than attempt to influence what was happening inside the classroom, LEF realized there was opportunity to evolve and extend learning beyond the school day and to broaden those it serves to include students who attend public school, private school, and homeschool…in Litchfield AND surrounding towns.

Phase 2: With a broader scope, LEF began to explore where relevant learning gaps existed and what opportunities for skill development were available.  After researching competencies for future academic & employment success, LEF focused on “portable skills,” or those all students would need to be life ready, regardless of their future path.

The results also enabled LEF to identify Priority Pathways for programming, namely STEM, Literacy, Multiculturalism, Civics, and Business & Entrepreneurship.  Though these pathways are not inclusive of everything LEF thinks is important, they were chosen because they are reflective of gaps in robust programming in our area. LEF responded by proactively seeking and funding out-of-school learning in the Priority Pathways which are funded by LEF, hosted at several school and community organizations and serve all area children. As we look to the future, we will continue to seek and fund innovative opportunities for youth.

Phase 3: As out-of-school programming provided by schools and community organizations grows, LEF has continued to evolve by engaging in thinking about how learning opportunities will affect the changing landscape and needs of our region.

When LEF started having conversations around regional sustainability, we realized, from talking with others committed to ensuring the Litchfield Hills is a place people continue to move and have access to jobs and affordable housing, education was not yet a part of those discussions.  Because education and opportunities for youth are important factors in determining housing affordability and whether to move to the region at all, LEF is working to ensure education is a part of those conversations moving forward.  Simply stated, we don’t think it is possible to talk about what kinds of jobs people have access to without talking about things like talent pools and job training.

LEF recognizes that true service to our community means the need to continue to evolve and bring education to the forefront of the sustainability discussion. In service of that evolution, here are 20 connections LEF plans to initiate, maintain, and nurture in 2020.

LEF will continue to nurture connections with...

1. Youth in our region, regardless of whether they attend public school, private school, or school at home.

2. Community organizations who provide robust enrichment programming in STEM, Civics, Entrepreneurship, Multiculturalism, and Literacy. 

3. Donors who value transparency, education and children.

4. Corporate partners interested in sponsorship opportunities aligned to LEF’s pathways.

5. Students interested in opportunities to build skills that transfer across content areas and careers. 

6. Volunteers who wish to contribute to the educational opportunities of youth in our area.

7. Educators & school administrators in Litchfield and Region 6.

8. Parent Teacher Organizations who partner with LEF.

LEF seeks new connections with…

9. Innovative program providers who seek to work with area youth.

10. Teams who are exploring and supporting regional sustainability efforts.

11. Donors willing to invest in the future of our region.

12. Committee and board members with skill sets aligned to the needs of our organization.

13. Big thinkers including but not limited to students, educators, parents, seniors, and members of the business community that will broaden our perspective as a service organization.

14. Movers & shakers who can connect LEF with new opportunities.

15. Learning experts who can help us identify educational needs for continued success.

16. Regional stakeholders that will broaden our perspective as an organization and evolve in service of the changing needs of youth in our area.

17. Students, educators & school administrators in surrounding towns.

LEF aspires to be a catalyst for connections among…

18. Regional organizations supporting initiatives in service of Litchfield area youth.

19. Our community and research around innovative educational practice.

20. Organizations supporting regional sustainability to ensure education is a visible part of sustainability efforts.

See a connection you can help with or one that we missed? Interested in being one of LEF’s accountability partners?

We hope you will reach out:

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