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Seeking Students: Virtual Robotics Competition

Your galactic journey is about to start! Program a virtual robot to help it progress through different worlds. Each world contains its own obstacles and challenges to encourage students to work as a team.

CoderZ League is an international competition designed to engage students, regardless of coding experience, with exciting challenges and opportunities to work collaboratively.

LEF has funded a team to compete in the Coderz Pro League. We are seeking 6-7-8th grade students, especially girls, that have a passion for coding, robotics and computers to participate from ALL area schools.  Participants MUST be serious about the competition and willing to make the commitment as individual participation drives how well the team does. 

This year, the competition is entirely virtual.  Students are able to compete in missions on their own schedule.  They will work both independently and as a team.  The preliminary stage begins October 26th but students can join as late as October 30th. See video for more information. Please email LEF at, to sign up.

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