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The Young Entrepreneurs Show (YES!)

Generously sponsored by Litchfield Bancorp

The Young Entrepreneurs Show (YES!) is a fantastic introduction to the world of entrepreneurship, invention, and management. Due to the pandemic, the 2021 YES! show will be moving online!   

  • Make and sell your own jewelry, treats, stories, art

  • Resell your small car, clothes, books collection

  • Teach how to throw the perfect pitch or swing a golf club

  • Offer your service to babysit, tutor in math or teach a hot video game

In this program, students will learn how to start and promote your own small business and build your own business website. 

YES!: Video
YES!: Gallery

Avalanchs Ice - Finn Outwater, Washington Montessori

YES!: Video

Christmas Creations - Addison LaBonte, Litchfield Intermediate School

YES!: Video

Petdana - Madeline Saunders, Piper Relihan, Litchfield Intermediate School

YES!: Video

Warm Necks & More - Lily Markovich, Litchfield Intermediate School

YES!: Video

Zoe's Arts& Crafts, Zoe Leviness, Litchfield Middle School

YES!: Video

Kidpreneur$ Workbook

As seen on CNN, the Wall Street Journal and others, click here to download and print the Kidpreneur$ Workbook.  Use the many helpful tips and exercises to grow your business.

Kidpreneur Workbook
YES!: Image
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